Respiratory System: The process of inhaling air (oxygen) and exhaling carbon dioxide enabling the body to remove toxins from within our body, most commonly known as breathing, is carried out by the Respiratory System. Our respiratory system is a very precious piece of complex machinery designed for the easy usage of the air around us to provide free breathing and good health.

Our life depends on its proper functions. There are many ways respiration can affect a person’s life. In the worst case scenario, there can be a possible death if the lungs and the whole respiratory system do not work in a proper way. It is important to keep the respiratory system healthy and sound.

Incidentally, because of its wide exposure to outside pollution, the present rise in prevalence of respiratory diseases in major cities is directly proportional to rise in environmental pollution there on.

The system has been described aptly, with details of commonly occurring diseases, as well as more serious ones, like bronchitis and asthma, their prevention and cure, without using drugs, let alone the steroids, in a natural way.