Guide to Dental Health: It is said that mouth is the gateway of all diseases, and good health as well. That set of 32 teeth is extremely important for better digestion. In fact, bad dietary habit due to faulty lifestyle together with substance abuse, poor management of oral hygiene and health, can over years of negligence, play havoc with one’s health.

On the other hand, dental clinics are more inclined to get rid of an ailing tooth through extraction, rather than protecting, strengthening and retaining the same. This booklet explains the tooth structure and dental diseases such as tooth decay, gum diseases, stained- discoloured teeth, bad breath, dry mouth, dry socket, dental erosion, gum recession, mouth ulcer and Cracked tooth Syndrome etc. The common harm that it is subjected to because of ignorance. It touches upon methods of prevention of oral diseases and a number of practical steps that we should follow in our day- to- day life to protect this precious gift of nature.

The information and the preventive measures suggested in this booklet are to be practically followed by all in the beginning, from childhood, so to say. Parents should read and try to help their children inculcate the good habits as early as possible.