Arthritis & Spondylosis: Arthritis and Spondylosis are no longer age-specific. They do strike people even at their younger age, and they cause pain, and can cripple a person. Their incidence is on the rise, and causes are many – heredity, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, overweight, wrong posture, ignorance about one’s own body system etc. In fact, if you know your body structure, and change your faulty lifestyle, take the correct diet and do the necessary exercise and yoga, mostly, you will win your battle against this deadly duo.

And precisely, that is what this booklet offers – a comprehensive information about the bone structure with ample illustrations, and a guideline as to how to manage your health with advancing years, - all in layman’s language.

In fact, the booklet has been written by two extra ordinary experts, with years of hands-on experience on the subjects….