Acidity, Gastritis & Ulcer: In our highly commercialized, market-driven economy, there is a ruthless competition for survival which has shaken the very basics of our life style, even at village level. We have no time now for our minimum health needs like, maintaining a disciplined schedule for food, drink, exercise and rest. The result is that today, Acidity, Gastritis and Ulcer are very common diseases confronting the urban masses. If we do not take timely preventive measures and proper care, these problems would surely lead us to much complicated and deteriorated health conditions, curtailing our mobility and freedom and reducing the quality of our life.

This booklet is especially written to describe an easy- to- follow drugless regimen and is relevant to those not only who are already facing these problems, but also to those who are likely to fall a prey. The book indicates the importance of diet and the right food choices thereon, together with simple home remedies.