It is natural to be healthy. Millions are born healthy and strong and they can stay as such by living in accordance within the provisions of nature.

Unlike othre systems of healing based on therapeutic intervention, naturecure is a way of fine tuning the internal vital forces and natural elements comprising the human body with the earth atmosphere and biosphere.
This book brings out that violation of the natural laws result in abnormal condition of the body called disease. Every such violatioin has repercussions on the human system in the form of lowered vitality, irregularities of the blood and lymph and the accumulation of waste matter and toxins.

Naturopathy believes that the micro-organisms which cause disease appear and flourish only where morbid matter has accumulated. This book summaries the ethos that have been the driving force behind the institute amd I am sure it will create and enhance awareness about Naturopathy and Yoga, two most powerful curative tools developed by Indian Civilization.