This sound informative guide projects alternative methods of cure for back pain without recourse to medicine and drugs - naturopathy, yoga, diet and acupuncture being some of them.

Back pain is one of the most common tormentors of manking. Statistics reveal that about 70-80 per cent of the adult population have either suffered or are likely to suffer from back pain.

Those who know and practise yoga claim that the spinal cord is the reservoir of energy. Quite natually, and distortion of malfunction of the spinal cord will lead to health problem, the chief among them being an aching back.

Written by a knowledgeable health-care professional, Dr. S.R. Jindal, who is an eminent naturopath, this book will help us understand the basic concept about the spine, bow it works, what ails it and how to take proper care.

Refreshing in its clarity and simplicity!