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Women empowerment is the key to societal progress!

A society cannot go forward and flourish till its women are empowered to be equal to its male counterpart.  There are many charitable organizations in India working towards this end.

Women empowerment is all about helping women gain equal rights in political, social, economic and legal spheres. It helps women get their due rights in education and career without room for gender discrimination.  In our society, there are thousands of females with submerged abilities and talents due to lack of opportunities and outlets. When they are empowered to share the societal canvas equally with men, they prove their mettle and show what stuff they are made of.

All major cities in India have many social welfare organizations that work towards women empowerment. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation is amongst the top charity organizations in Bangalore, working relentlessly towards women empowerment. The Foundation encourages women to shed their inhibitions and come forward to secure good education through its scholarships, Degree Colleges for Women and vocational courses.

We understand and realize the value of educating women and have established Jindal Pre University College to offer education to girls from nearby rural areas. As one of the leading charitable organizations in India, we have also instituted the Jindal Degree College for Women with Bcom and BCA courses to empower rural girls with educational qualifications. We further provide vocational courses through The Mahila Arts &Craft Charitable Institute.

Through all these educational institutions, we try our best to illuminate the lives of many rural women with education and career chances. Our commitment to women empowerment and an integrated societal progress has earned us a good stead amongst the charity organizations in Bangalore.


  1. Kishore

    It is true that without women being empowered, there can really be no progress in the true sense. It is appreciable that the Foundation has been involved in women empowerment activities since its inception. Keep up the good work!