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The importance of promoting the Education to All idea

Education to all is a goal with a global commitment from all progressive societies in the world.  There is many a charity for education in India striving to bring a host of educational opportunities to students through various ways, and we at SJF are very much committed to the goal.

In a country like India, it is all the more relevant as it has a huge burden of young population waiting to be educated. Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a charity institution that showcases an uncompromising zeal for promoting education to the nearby rural students and thus displays a lion’s share in empowering the country with educated individuals.

We are a renowned charity for education in Bangalore and have a chain of educational institutions that have been established with an aim to ameliorate the status of rural students with quality education and good career choices. Jindal Public School, Sawan Public School in Delhi, Jindal Pre University College, and Jindal Degree College for Women, Mahila Arts and Craft Charitable Institute are all the institutions under the umbrella of SJF, offering quality education to those who need financial support for studies and to those who are deprived of educational facilities due to their rural backdrop.

SJF  has a pride of place among Bangalore based Charities for its continuity of devoted service in offering scholarships and book donations to meritorious poor students and Institutions.  We provide 100% fee concession to the deserving candidates. Explore our website to learn more about our charities in Bangalore.


  1. Archana

    Education is the only salvation and the only means to betterment in life IMO. Nobody can take away your education and it can help you build a career for yourself and earn a decent livelihood. It is important to enable people to earn their livelihoods rather than give them alms. Great effort SJF!

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