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Sitaram Jindal Foundation’s work towards women empowerment

If men are the body women are the soul of this beautiful world. Women are not short of confidence, maturity or strength but sometimes it appears so. Lack of opportunity and awareness has led to many of them being relegated to only household chores. In some places in the country, women aren’t even aware of their rights Sitaram Jindal Foundation has striven to bring back the life of underprivileged and destitute women by awareness and skills development programs. The Foundation provides scholarships to women and has established degree colleges to help them as well. Our foundation teaches vocational courses to women to help them attain their financial independence.

SJF has formed the MACCI (Mahila Arts and Crafts Charitable Institute), an NGO for women in Bangalore which strives for the upliftment of women in rural areas. The women in rural areas are a talented lot in creative art skills like embroidery work and tailoring. But unfortunately, there is hardly any support for training with domestic work taking precedence. And the other reason is the lack of information and guidance needed to market their products, whereby they can earn money and flourish

Vocational courses are provided in rural areas by our NGO in Bangalore for women. Training in tailoring, embroidery, tie and die and block printing are provided to help women earn a livelihood and support themselves and their families. Our NGO for women in Bangalore also imparts training in computers, typing and English speaking. This aids them in the marketing and customer dealing aspects. It also boosts their self-confidence in starting new ventures and deals.

Women are the unsung champions in every household. They are a talented bunch but their efforts and hard work always go unnoticed. Our NGO in Bangalore for women is working hard to make this world a better place for the rural oppressed women and we strive to provide them with an equal opportunity to work and to earn wages. Explore our website for more details on our women empowerment initiatives.

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