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The Sitaram Jindal Foundation’s initiatives and how they have helped rural areas

Development of countries is an ongoing process. Development of rural areas, in particular, is extremely important, as that is the heart line of India. Unfortunately, in reality, rural areas get the least preference in our country. However, the reassuring part is ,  there are many rural development organizations in India. Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a NGO for rural development in India which contributes to its fullest extent for the development of the same.

Rural Development Initiatives by the Foundation

The consistent efforts of the Foundation have led to the construction of the following infrastructure in the Northern Taluk of Bangalore city in Karnataka.

  • Construction of school buildings for different age groups of children in more than 50 plus villages
  • 15 villages get their drinking water through the Water Project Construction of new buildings and rooms in existing building in around 21 villages
  • 28 villages get their borewell water through the Borewell Water Project initiated by Sitaram Jindal Foundation
  • Sitaram Jindal Foundation being one of the leading rural development organizations in India took the responsibility of building 6 institutions each of which had a Primary School, High School, College, ITI, Veterinary Hospital for animals and Civil Hospital for humans. These were specifically constructed to provide free or low cost services to the financially downtrodden
  • Sitaram Jindal Foundation set up the Mahila Art and Craft Charitable Institution to empower woment with vocational training such as  Tie & Dye, Embroidery, Nursing courses , Spoken English , Tailoring and Computer Courses paying them stipend for motivating learning
  • Sitaram Jindal Foundation offers donations to more than 500  organizations involved in rural development throughout the year

Sitaram Jindal Foundation in its capacity as a NGO for rural development in India has been contributing in its humble way  to develop the rural areas around them. Their focused and dedicated efforts to develop rural areas leaves no stone unturned.


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