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Sitaram Jindal Foundation – Charity organizations that works towards a healthier society!

There are quite a number of Charitable 0rganizations in Bangalore, and Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one that is very prominent in their remarkable, consistent contribution to the society in various field of need.

How do charity organizations in Bangalore improve the health condition of the rural poor?

Charitable hospitals in Bangalore are keen on providing health care to the rural people through free medicine, treatment and proper diagnosis through state of the art equipment. They try to make awareness among the public about the importance of good health and the necessity to keep up sound physique.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one of the charity organizations in Bangalore, working hard to take care of the health of the people in the neighboring villages of Jindal Nagar. It has a chain of hospitals in Bangalore and with its unique Jindal Naturecure Institute; it tries to impart the essential significance of naturopathy to people not only in the vicinity but to the world as such.

Specialties of SJF’s charitable hospitals in Bangalore

  • Through Manav Charitable Hospital (MCH) a equipped secondary level hospital with 16 functional specialty outdoor department, treating on 1n average 1000 patients a day. Providing medicine free of cost for the deserving
  • Provides mobile dispensaries to nearby village with equipments , doctors and free medicines on daily basis , treating thousands of BPL patients at village
  • Proper medical solutions for chronic diseases through drugless care through Jindal Naturecure Institute
  • State of the art equipment for diagnosis and surgery
  • Eye operations and spectacles are freely offered to the downtrodden people
  • Thousands of patients getting free services
  • Health care related schemes to bring awareness among people about the importance of sound health

The Foundation addresses the health issues of many poor persons in Bangalore and is committed to do more in future as well.


  1. Kishore

    Healthcare is one area that needs a lot of improvement especially in rural areas. It is indeed laudable that SJF has set up so many charitable hospitals and mobile health clinics. Reaching out to the rural populace and providing them with such amenities is important to ensure collective progress and development in the country.

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