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Rural development – the best initiative for the country’s betterment

We are running way behind in terms of rural development programmes in India and there is a need to work on this as soon as possible. The facilities in rural areas are limited and in some cases even nonexistent! The people in rural sectors are not able to avail growth opportunities as they lack even fundamental amenities. It is thus essential to promote overall development in rural areas where there is a crisis of skilled and qualified people which is affecting our nation’s growth and this is what is keeping a vast majority of our population in poverty. The development in rural areas needs prime attention. A recent survey indicated that India is facing a huge crisis as there are only 23% people who have undergone a strict or proper skill development program and thus is unskilled labour and this affects their chances at a decent livelihood.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation and its rural development initiatives

SJF has come forward to encourage the students who are dwelling in rural areas and has worked towards providing basic infrastructure and civic amenities in more than a hundred villages. Recognition and standardization of skill is mandatory for persistent growth opportunities and SJF has incessantly worked towards the same with its rural development programmes in India.

As a rural development organization, SJF has been active in building schools, providing clean drinking water, building infrastructure, roads, and other essentials apart from working towards women empowerment and healthcare initiatives. The MACCI is one such initiative that seeks to help underprivileged women and help them earn a livelihood for themselves and to support their families.

There is a need to empower the people in penury by offering them an economic opportunity through proper skill development programs and promoting rewards and recognitions. People of rural areas need to be equipped with desirable resources and professional assistance in order to earn a good living and SJF has championed this cause since its inception decades ago. The need of the hour is to provide the students with free school supplies such as bags, books, stationery and related things apart from normal education. Working towards the betterment of rural regions in the country can only result in the betterment and progress of the nation and many more rural development organizations should come forward to do the same in tandem.

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