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NGOs in Bangalore and their work towards empowering children

Crime against children is increasing by leaps and bounds every passing day. Millions of children suffer due to different types of violence against them. Child abuse is one of the worst form of cruety to humanity , as it attacks the very base of the society.  Many NGOs in Bangalore volunteer to help such helpless children offering various kinds of services. One of the best NGOs in Bangalore that stands tall above the others is Sitaram Jindal Foundation.

Empowering children through Education

Sitaram Jindal Foundation believes in empowering young children through education. It considers education a basic right for every child. It considers that every child must get his/ her rights to which he/she is entitled .. Some such children rights for which Sitaram Jindal Foundation contributes are enlisted below.

  • Right for knowledge
  • Right for Education
  • Eight for nutritious healthy food
  • Right to be loved & protected

Right to pure drinking wate Sitaram Jindal Foundation has taken special care for right to education for all . It has established many schools, colleges and education centers. Some such schools and colleges that impart high quality education to children of all ages are listed below for better understanding about the Foundation.

Jindal Public School – It imparts education right from the L.K.G level to 10th standard. Free mid day meals are offered to children alongside the fee concession which ranges between 25% and 100%

Sawan Public School – It is a residential public school supporting education of children hailing from the economically downtrodden sections of the society.

Jindal Pre-University College – This pre-University College was established with a vision to educate girl students from families who are financially  weak gin rural areas.

Jindal Degree College for Women – This College is also dedicated to educating aspiring young girls who are unable to afford quality education. Most of the girl students studying in this college hail from a below average financial background. Such girls get 100% fee concession from the Jindal Foundation to proceed with higher education.

Mahila Arts & Crafts Charitable Institute – Sitaram Jindal Foundation established this Institute to provide job opportunities to the underprivileged women in rural households, so their earning capacity and confidence levels get boosted up

Apart from helping the financially downtrodden students through their schools and colleges, Sitaram Jindal Foundation offers scholarships to deserving students who want to pursue their higher education. More than 12000 students are benefited through the scholarships offered by the Foundation every year. The Foundation runs a book bank for the poorer section of rural students who can use the same as reference and extra study material.

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