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How are NGOs in Bangalore helping the cause of education?

Educating today’s children means building a strong society for tomorrow. Every child deserves to get quality education. No child must be deprived of education for lack of money. Education is every child’s basic right and denying the same to them is a criminal offence in the court of nature. Although it is primary duty of the government there are many charitable associations and NGOs in Bangalore for education. They provide education for financial downtrodden children from all age groups in various manners. Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a NGO in Bangalore for children education which contributes to the cause in direct and indirect ways.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation’s role in Children Education

Sitaram Jindal Foundation contributes to the students community all possible ways directly and indirectly to educate needy students of rural areas in particular. It has been serving the student community for almost 6 decades now right from early 70’s. Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one of the pioneers in children education in India standing tall as an excellent example to other charity organizations and NGO’s with similar cause.

As a leading NGO in Bangalore for children education, the Foundation has built a lot of schools and colleges and has been rendering worthwhile service in this area since its inception. Some educational institutions established by Sitaram Jindal Foundation which has been serving the students community for a long period of time now are listed below.

  • Jindal Public School
  • Sawan Public School
  • Jindal Pre-University College
  • Jindal Degree College for Women
  • Health Education Centre

Apart from the above there are other educational institutions through which Sitaram Jindal Foundation imparts knowledge to students in various streams of subjects; some such activities are listed below for better understanding of the students

  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Gold Medals and Awards to inspire students to do better in studies
  • Educational Scholarships

All students who want to avail the services offered by Sitaram Jindal Foundation should browse and know the various schemes and apply accordingly. To change the world for the better SJF is doing its best towards educating children and assuring in hope for a better society and nation in the future. More such activities by other NGOs in Bangalore will be fruitful in achieving education for all. SJF believes education is one of the most powerful means.

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