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Initiatives for rural and social development in India

There are a number of rural development programmes initiated by the Govt of India to improve standard of living of the rural poor. It however, still remains far less than desired, and therefore, there is a need for various charitable institutions that promote rural development in India through their activities, services and contributions. SJF  is one such charitable trust in India that works relentlessly in contributing its might towards the welfare of the rural people through its social initiatives.

India is a country which has an economy based primarily on agriculture. The rural state of affair still lacks development in a serious way in all sectors as people suffer from lack of sanitation, medical and educational facilities and along with a few others few , SJF  has come forward  to  fight out  such problems with their services and contributions.

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a charitable trust in India, situated at Jindal Nagar, Bangalore. We in SJF are devoted to lend a helping hand to the poor and downtrodden in the neighboring villages through our  social welfare activities. The Foundation has constructed school buildings in more than 100 villages and has made arrangement for drinking water, health care and educational facilities for many villages.

Being one of the leading charitable trusts in Bangalore, SJF has also undertaken the construction of six institutions including primary school, high school, college and hospitals for the poor and downtrodden at Nalwa village in Haryana and has handed over them to the Govt. for successful functioning. Our Mahila Arts and Craft Charitable Institute – MACCI offers vocational courses to women to brighten the scope for their career. The Foundation also offers donations to around 500 charitable institutions to promote rural and social development.

Rural development is the key to social development which is possible only through proper initiatives by the Government and charitable institutions. Explore our website for more details on our rural and social development activities.


  1. Subba

    Rural development is very important for a nation’s economy and progress. Some of the rural areas have a pathetic plight and don’t even have basic civic amenities and healthcare. It is laudable that SJF is so active in rural welfare and social development. The women empowerment activities too are impressive as collective progress is the true means to achieve healthy growth.

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