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Health care in rural areas – a definite booster of nation’s wellbeing

Health care in rural areas is a burning problem in many parts of India due to lack of infrastructure, awareness, medical facilities, adequate medical practioners and availability of medicines. Government    initiatives, policies and programs are still inadequate. As a result, NGO s role is important.  Fortunately, there are many charities in India that focus on the health of rural people with care so as to boost the overall wellbeing of the nation. Our charitable hospital in Bangalore is committed to providing healthcare facilities to the poor and needy at subsidized costs.

With the advent of technology, besides campaigns and awareness programs, teaching rural people the use of mobiles for health issues has been in the air over recent years. As a charity, we are devoted   to promote the health care of the rural people in the nearby villages and try to bring down the mortality rate during child birth by spreading awareness and ensuring that proper facilities are available in the region.

We are one of the most consistent trusts in Bangalore as we humbly strive to render service to improve the health condition of people through its charitable institutions like Jindal Naturecure Institute, Manav Charitable Hospital, Jindal Charitable Hospital, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore and Manav Charitable Polyclinic. The primary goal of our Foundation is to provide effective health care to the needy people and help them stay fit and disease- free through proper treatments.

We have hospitals and facilities that promote naturopathy with therapies like Yoga, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Vega therapy to cure diseases in a natural way without use of drugs, to avoid their inevitable side effects. Our Jindal Naturecure Institute, a charitable hospital in Bangalore is a centre of excellence in drugless healthcare, and renowned globally.  It has a well equipped clinical facilities and a team of expert doctors to cater to the health issues of people who come from across   the country to receive benefits from the Institute.

Health is wealth and we believe that healthcare in the rural regions of the country needs to be improved to ensure societal wellbeing and progress. As a charitable trust in Bangalore, we have devoted ourselves to serving the downtrodden and helping genuine patients cope with their health issues. Check out our website for more details on our healthcare initiatives.


  1. Madhanraj

    It shouldn’t matter as to where a person lives for him/her to get basic healthcare. It is truly appreciable that SJF is working towards rural healthcare and has so many charitable hospitals and mobile clinics to help people in the rural areas. I would particularly like to appreciate their reaching out to genuine patients irrespective of their economic status!

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