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Expert medical help through a charitable hospital in Bangalore

Medical care and wellbeing are part of social welfare schemes and many a charity organization undertakes it as part of its mission while serving society through its activities. Hospitals run by such organizations function effectively with health care solutions to rural folk and the weaker sections of the society. SJF is one of such Trust in Bangalore which does the job extremely well with devotion

Activities of SJF in medical domain

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a charitable trust in Bangalore which owns a chain of hospitals under its wing, all charitable, striving to provide quality medical care at affordable cost, to help those who suffer from major diseases, need expert medical help, but cannot afford.  The Foundation owns a Naturecure Institute that provides cure and prevention of chronic diseases through nature therapy and yoga, supported by a modern diagnostic s with latest medical equipments, and advocates a drugless natural way of life .The hospital is globally acknowledged as one of the best in class.

Manav Charitable Hospital in Jindal Nagar is a charitable hospital in Bangalore for helping people near Jindal Nagar with medical facilities that can help them look for quality care at practically no cost. Further, as outreach activity, SJF has as many as six mobile dispensaries that cover 120 villages per week with treatment to 800 -1000 patients every day.

Thus SJF stands colossal in its commitment as a charitable trust in Bangalore that is committed to human welfare through its medical solutions to the poor and downtrodden.

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