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Why Charities work towards betterment of education in India?

Despite being the largest democracy in the world, India still suffers from lack of sufficient educational facilities for rural children in its parts. Though the urbanites  have sufficient educational institutions  to acquire knowledge in various domains, rural folks  find it hard to  get   the basic facilities  needed  to raise their standard  to be a global citizen .easons for illiteracy among Indians

The first and foremost  reason is the poor infrastructure in villages with lack of schools or buildings and other necessary amenities that make a good schooling environment. The other reason is the lack of awareness among parents about the importance of educating their children at least to the primary level.

What efforts  NGOs take  in India to fight illiteracy?

There are many charities for education which try to drive away the evil of illiteracy through founding and funding schools, that help  provide education to as many rural children as possible. They render education free of cost or at nominal rates so as to enable most of the rural children to attend classes and attain education.

What is the role of major cities in this scenario?

Many major charity institutions are founded in the outskirts of major cities by business magnets and philanthropists to as  example of their good will to educate as many students as possible in the rural areas.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one such NGO in Bangalore for children education, founded by Sri. Sitaram Jindal, a philanthropic industrialist, who wanted to see the rural children  in his vicinity as educated and qualified. His vision has expanded to a great extent today with SJF running schools and colleges for the benefit of the rural children near Jindal Nagar in Bangalo SJF, over the years, has set up a number of  Public Schools, Mahila Arts and Craft Charitable Institutions  and Pre University and Degree colleges. It deems it as its major responsibility to ameliorate the status of the Indians through empowering them with education.

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