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How are charitable organizations in India working towards improving healthcare?

Life today has become quite expensive. Many necessities have become highly unaffordable -. One such essential service in life is health care. Healthcare today has become such a costly affair that many people suffer not only due to their physical ailments but also due to the financial stress they cause. Sitaram Jindal Foundation, with the mission to make healthcare affordable to one and all, contributes to the same by supporting many Charitable Organizations in India.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a boon to healthcare of the needy

Sitaram Jindal Foundation has laid its stamp strongly in the healthcare industry for over 40 plus years now. Listed below are the many activities the foundation is involved in to help ailing people in society. The Foundation

  • Extends financial help to charity organizations in India that are in the healthcare arena
  • Has built many hospitals that offer a variety of medical services to the needy and deserving
  • Introduced many healthcare schemes that approach healthcare from a scientific angle
  • Established ‘Jindal Naturecure Institute’ in the year 1979 for serving people in a drugless way

Sitaram Jindal Foundation being one of the leading charity organizations in India has established many health care centers apart from Jindal Naturecure Institute. Some hospitals established by Jindal Foundation with a vision to help physically ailing people are listed below for better understanding.

  • Manav Charitable Hospital
  • Jindal Charitable Hospital
  • Sushruta Trauma Center
  • Manav Seva Charitable Polyclinic
  • INYS Medical Research Society for medical research

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