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Charitable Institutions in India and their work towards the nation’s growth and progress

We live in a country filled with a variety of issues ranging from medical to women welfare, child slavery etc. There are places in our country that lack is the basic healthcare facilities. Millions of people live below the poverty line suffering various types of issues on a day to day basis. The positive side of the coin is that many charitable institutions in India contribute to the welfare of the needy in different ways. Many of these institutions contribute in a small and big manner for the welfare of the financially downtrodden time and again. One such charitable trust in India that contributes to many social welfare organizations is the Sitaram Jindal Foundation.

Charity through Donations

Sitaram Jindal Foundation has various channels through which it contributes to society. It is s one of the leading charitable institutions in India which have contributed to other charities as well and has encouraged research and other innovations to ensure development and growth. The Foundation makes considerable contributions to many charitable organizations for good causes regularly and on an adhoc basis as well. It has its mechanism to check for the genuineness of the charitable organization seeking a donation. After ascertaining the genuine intentions, past track record and the recognition of the organization by the Income Tax Department, Sitaram Jindal Foundation donates the required amount after ascertaining the genuineness of the charity/NGO.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation and its work towards helping other NGOs

All charitable trusts in India that need donation for a social cause can apply for the same to Sitaram Jindal Foundation by filling in the Application form available on their official website. By submitting the filled Application form along with the necessary documents, the charitable organization initiates the process for getting a donation. Sitaram Jindal Foundation offers a donation to those charitable organizations that qualify in the process of scrutiny to check the genuineness of the same. The foundation donates to over 500+ charities every year. They also support research in the area of medicine and science and those working towards rural development apart from women empowerment initiatives and child welfare and education activities.

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