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Sitaram Jindal Foundation’s work towards women empowerment

January 31, 2019
If men are the body women are the soul of this beautiful world. Women are not short of confidence, maturity or strength but sometimes it appears so. Lack of opportunity and awareness has led to many of them being relegated to only household chores. In some places in the country, women aren’t even aware of their rights Sitaram Jindal Foundation has striven to bring back
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Women empowerment is the key to societal progress!

September 20, 2016
A society cannot go forward and flourish till its women are empowered to be equal to its male counterpart.  There are many charitable organizations in India working towards this end. Women empowerment is all about helping women gain equal rights in political, social, economic and legal spheres. It helps women get their due rights in education and career without room for gender discrimination.  In our society,
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