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How are charitable organizations in India working towards improving healthcare?

March 13, 2019
Life today has become quite expensive. Many necessities have become highly unaffordable -. One such essential service in life is health care. Healthcare today has become such a costly affair that many people suffer not only due to their physical ailments but also due to the financial stress they cause. Sitaram Jindal Foundation, with the mission to make healthcare affordable to one and all, contributes
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Sitaram Jindal Foundation – Charity organizations that works towards a healthier society!

October 19, 2016
There are quite a number of Charitable 0rganizations in Bangalore, and Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one that is very prominent in their remarkable, consistent contribution to the society in various field of need.

How do charity organizations in Bangalore improve the health condition of the rural poor?

Charitable hospitals in Bangalore are keen on providing health care to the rural people through free medicine, treatment and
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