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Book Donation Drives and how they can help underprivileged students

Books and education play a major role in providing knowledge to people and in many cases opportunities to avail education are lacking while in other cases students don’t have access to books and important reference materials. Have you ever wondered how underprivileged children without access to information and knowledge and sometimes even basic books are expected to study?

It is impossible for us to help one and all right away but donating books (texts and references) is something that we can very much do, and this will help a long way in educating underprivileged children. Knowledge shared is after all knowledge squared and books are the means to do so effectively!

At Sitaram Jindal Foundation, we purchase essential books and donate them to eligible institutions. We started this book donation drive in 1990 and have donated nearly INR 50 lakhs worth of books to over 300 colleges. Our aim is to donate books worth INR 2 crores to around 1000 eligible colleges. We focus on reference books for different subjects as students from underdeveloped rural areas may not be able to access such books. Our representative from the foundation will personally visit the colleges and schools while approving the donation of the books to ensure that they reach the students properly.

The Foundation is also active in other areas such as rural healthcare, women empowerment and rural infrastructure apart from creating awareness about education and healthcare. We conduct medical camps, eye camps and run mobile clinics apart from conducting drives for donating books in Bangalore; explore our website for further details about our educational institutions, healthcare activities and crusade against social evils.

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