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Why Charities work towards betterment of education in India?

January 31, 2017
Despite being the largest democracy in the world, India still suffers from lack of sufficient educational facilities for rural children in its parts. Though the urbanites  have sufficient educational institutions  to acquire knowledge in various domains, rural folks  find it hard to  get   the basic facilities  needed  to raise their standard  to be a global citizen .easons for illiteracy among Indians The first and foremost  reason
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Expert medical help through a charitable hospital in Bangalore

January 4, 2017
Medical care and wellbeing are part of social welfare schemes and many a charity organization undertakes it as part of its mission while serving society through its activities. Hospitals run by such organizations function effectively with health care solutions to rural folk and the weaker sections of the society. SJF is one of such Trust in Bangalore which does the job extremely well with devotion


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